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Family Plaque with people

Our unique personalized family plaques are handmade and can be made for a smaller family or as a gift to grandparents depicting their grandchildren. Each plaque is made to show family members, dogs and cats and are customized to order.

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View samples of special order plaques.

People Plaques
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About our
Family Plaques

Our Family Plaque is meant to be a representation of family members and loved ones including pets( dogs and cats only). Each animated figure is hand crafted with no two exactly alike.

The heart at the top center can have on it any two word inscription of your choice. (ex. “Our Family,” “The Smith's", “My Grandchildren,” etc). The plaques come in two sizes, medium and large. The medium family plaque measures 9½” x 5½"  x ½" holds from three to six figurines.

Family Plaque with Five
Family Members and Pets
Sample of Family Plaque

See enlarged picture
of a Family Plaque

Note: Intended for indoor use only
Family Plaque
with three figures

Family Plaque with 3 people

Ordering Information
Family Plaque
with four figures

Family Plaque with 4 people

Ordering Information
Family Plaque
with five figures

Family Plaque with 5 figures
Ordering Information
Family Plaque
with six figures

Family Plaque with 6 people
Ordering Information

Family Plaque

This plaque measures 16¼” x  7¼”  x ½”. It holds from seven to eighteen figures. To order, select link below which provides an order form to use.

7 figures - $26.50
8 figures - $28.50
9 figures - $30.50
10 figures - $32.50
11 figures - $34.50
12 figures - $36.50
13 figures - $38.50
14 figures - $40.50
15 figures - $42.50
16 figures - $44.50
17 figures - $46.50
18 figures - $48.50
19 figures - $50.50

Large Family Plaque

For 7-15 characters

Large Family Plaque

Steps in Creating your Personalized Family Plaque

The selection of these people will be based on age, hair color and gender. Clothing colors will be assorted and varied according to your description and again based on age, hair color and gender. We will select the appropriate figures according to your description.
The arrangement of these people on the " Family Plaque" will be Father and Mother, one on each side of the heart and children ranging from the oldest to the youngest below. Pets in the lower center. "Our "Grandchildren" Plaque is arranged from the oldest grandchild to the youngest.

If you desire, we will e-mail a photo of your plaque for your final approval before it is shipped. Just contact us by e-mail at the time of ordering with your request.

Our "Little People" for Plaques

Sample of people

Hand sculptured people for your
Family Plaque are individually
made by hand resulting in no
two alike - each person is unique.
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